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It is well documented that Franklin was interested in tofu, which he called a sort of cheese made from beans, and he got a recipe for making it that he sent on to others. But no source that I have found gives any reason to believe he or any of the others ever made any tofu. Does anyone here know of evidence on the question?

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Agreed, we're interested in some food history questions, like "how did this food become the food it is today?" (see meta.cooking.stackexchange.com/q/1701/1672). But while this is about history and food, it doesn't really have much to do with the food (unless the claim is that Franklin had some significant effect on tofu in the US), so it's really more of a history question. –  Jefromi Feb 4 at 19:16
Yes it is a history question, tagged "history." I would be happy to learn of anyone in colonial America making tofu, but the only evidence I have found is of Franklin knowing of tofu. –  user2223 Feb 4 at 19:19

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