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Their nations were allied, but what did they personally think of each other? Is there anything based on documentary evidence that could give us some insight here?

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At what point in time? Hitler's opinion of Mussolini changed radically as Italy became less of an asset and more of a hindrance to German interests, culminating in Mussolini being "rescued" and locked up in a villa to serve as a figurehead for the German sponsored side in the civil war that erupted after Italy's surrender to the allies (which Hitler viewed as a sign of great weakness on the part of Mussolini). –  jwenting Feb 14 at 11:48
I don't have time to dig up references right now, but my understanding was that Hitler was originally a big Mussolini fan, but Mussolini didn't like the guy much. He was actually allied with England and France trying to stop the German buildup, up until the time they ticked him off by protesting his invasion of Ethiopia. –  T.E.D. Feb 14 at 15:14
I remember reading somewhere that Hitler was quite anxious to please Mussolini, but Mussolini wasn't all that satisfied with him (I can't recall the reference, hence the comment). I also know that Hitler sent Mussolini a copy of Mein Kampf and Mussolini later commented it was the most boring thing he ever read! –  N.Soong Mar 15 at 6:47

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