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Was Vietnam war ever officially condemned in the US, either by a court, legislature or the government?


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I think the president at the time did condemn Ho Chi Minh for the war. –  user1873 Feb 12 at 9:33
I think the question asks whether it was ever an expressed mistake of the US government. –  wbogacz Feb 12 at 11:11
Courts don't have a say in the war. –  DVK Feb 12 at 18:33
This was a police action in an allied(french) state. I condemn the french for being such pansies as to pull out after they sucked the US in... does that count? I also condemn LBJ for being so blind as not to see what was about to happen. –  Chad Feb 13 at 21:59
@DVK courts can call a war illegal. –  Anixx Feb 14 at 3:46

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