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I started wondering about this after watching yet another World War II movie where the European people are freed by Mother Russia and Uncle Sam and also helped in their recovery.

What are the earliest examples in history where anything like that happens, especially where the rescued population is given long term support in economic development, wellbeing, etc. following the war (without necessarily being colonized)?

Also, as a sub-question, are there any similar examples outside the Western world?

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The term is "Amical Protectorate" - where a major power steps in to defend a weaker one without demanding much in return (tho the Baltic states and Karelia may disagree). It's a tough term to search on, tho, as the British Empire was littered with protectorates of other sorts in places where ancient civilizations flourished, and this poisons the search results. –  RI Swamp Yankee Feb 22 at 19:13
I would certainly argue that many of the Roman Republic's provinces were Protectorates under the modern meaning. Consider Caesar's repulse of the Helvetii at the beginning of his term as Governor of Gaul, and his subsequent repulse of a Germanic invasion of Gaul a few years later. –  Pieter Geerkens Feb 23 at 15:08
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