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I am an amateur collector old kaleidoscopes. I am not an expert on this and would really appreciate some input from experts if this kaleidoscope is from the Victorian era. How could I tell? What questions would distinguish between a Victorian era kaleidoscope and a more modern kaleidoscope?

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According to this site on Antique and Modern Kaleidoscopes there is a significant time period, about 1900 to 1980, when kaleidoscope production was almost universally of paper-covered toys. Both prior to and subsequent to that time period, quality kaleidoscopes are produced and sold as artworks. The wooden lens mount, sewn cover (apparently woven not silk-screened) and antique look would seem strong evidence that the item is actually the antique it is claimed to be.

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Thanks. I just bought the item. Hopefully, it comes in good condition. :) –  Vaivhav Mar 30 '14 at 8:39

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