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Bad-Tibira is one of the oldest recorded cities in the world. The Sumerians believed it was the second city to exercise kingship (after the more famous Eridu). I can't find the Sumerian spelling of the name anywhere. I'm looking for two things:

  • the Sumerian cuneiform spelling of Bad-Tibira
  • a Romanized transcription of the Sumerian

I think this is probably on-topic for here, but if not, that's a shame, since there's probably never going to be a sumerian.stackexchange.com to ask it on.

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According to this syllabary of Sumerian, and just how one wishes to pronounce Bad-Tibira, one possible Sumerian transcription is this:

enter image description here

Whether this is also an accurate transcription of "Fortress of the Copper-Smiths" I cannot say.

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Try ETCSL Sign names and embedding texts are also shown on this site.

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