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Is there any conclusive evidence of where the Tarim Mummies originate from?
What were these "westerners" doing in China?

The theories I have heard are that they are the fore bearers of the Kazaks or the Khazar's. Is there any good conclusive evidence for either of these claims?

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They were at least of partial, if not predominant Europid descent, as the Wikipedia article mentions. The Tocharians are a strong candidate, but even then, it would be presumptions to conclude that they were white-skinned and fair-haired. East Asian admixture could have occurred quite early. – Noldorin Nov 2 '11 at 2:46
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The only information I could find indicates that these early settlers were Tocharians, who were Caucasian herders who most likely kept moving further eastward in search of trade or grazing lands. There are other findings that indicate some of the later mummies were also Caucasian but most likely came from European settlers who were pursuing trade along the Silk Road to China.

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