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As you know, the Leopard 1 was not the first tank of postwar Germany. Germany work on different new tanks. There are prototypes as medium tank Indienpanzer (later developed into a Swiss KW30 and its successors Pz.58 and Pz.61), light tank RU 251 Prototype SpPz mit 90mm BK, early prototypes of the Leopard-1 MBT. On some forums I've seen mention about a strange Argentinapanzer - stage between Indienpanzer and prototypes of Leopard-1. However, I have been unable to find the details about this tank. It's definitely not a TAM, TanqueArgentinoMediano is subsequent and is not related to the Leopard-1.

Theory looks pretty good, after all, Germany and Argentina were close military-technical cooperation.

Does anyone know about Argentinapanzer, a german prototype tank for Argentina from the 1950s?

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German wikipedia mentions nothing of an Argentine project predating Leopard 1 development. The Indienpanzer project and its failure is mentioned briefly, together with a statement that at the time German industry was incapable of developing a modern MBT, that the failed India project gave German industry and especially Porsche the knowledge needed to make Leopard 1 work.
I don't have my reference material here, but vaguely recall another abandoned German tank development project for a south American country from the 1980s, a cheaper, smaller, alternative to Leopard 2 (and a competitor to the AMX-40 which was being developed by the French for the export market). Maybe that's the one you're looking for?

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Wiki mentions nothing of RU 251 Prototype SpPz mit 90mm BK too. But this is real tank :) Photo – spyder Feb 8 '13 at 2:58

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