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The Taaffe family is rather remarkable for having held both an Irish/UK and Austrian peerage. However, it is not clear from the wiki pages whether they (for example, Count Eduard, who was Austrian prime-minister for a while) really maintained tangible ties to Ireland. Some questions for example:

  1. Did they have Irish estates?
  2. Did members of the family visit Ireland?
  3. Did they have strongly held and/or publicized views on issues of Irish politics? (like Home Rule)
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I found a very interesting source — a Ph.D. thesis by Mag. Lisa Ferris entitled “Irish Views on Old Austria and Austrian Views on the Irish Question, 1848 – 1918” devoted to the study of Irish in Austria. (It’s 775 pages long!) Here is a bit from page 19 (page 104 of the PDF document):

The Taaffes, although almost completely integrated in Austria, never forgot their homeland; Nicolas Taaffe retained his title even if not all his lands in Ireland. In the Austrian Empire he had been made Field Marshal and Count, as well as serving as Chancellor to Emperor Leopold, but he was still concerned about the “Catholic Question” in Ireland, and in 1766 he published a tract entitled ‘Observations on Affairs in Ireland’, calling for generous treatment of Catholics in Ireland.

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