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This Einsatzkommando was headed by SS officer Walter Rauff and according to his wikipedia article it had great effect on the local Jewish population. An example is given, a quote from a German TV documentary:

"More than 2,500 Tunisian Jews died in a network of SS slave labour camps before the Germans withdrew. Rauff's men also stole jewels, silver, gold and religious artifacts from the Tunisian Jews. Forty-three kilogrammes of gold were taken from the Jewish community on the island of Djerba alone"

Is there further evidence of their actions in North Africa, or the extent of other anti-jewish efforts carried out in North Africa?

Rommel had apparently promised his cooperation with Einsatzgruppe Egypt. This was a small force that, presumably with the cooperation of Africa Corp troops given the Einsatzgruppe's small size, would have massacred around Palestine had the war gone better for Germany. source, wiki. Is there any evidence of this type of cooperation in Tunis (between army units, army command and the Einsatzkommando)?

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