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Abe Lincoln did fight a duel in 1842. He was blamed by James Shields for an editorial. He chose extremely large broadswords, to improve his reach. I have heard that he joked at the choice of weapons "How about cow dung at 50 paces?" I personally haven't heard the cannon joke, but he might have used it as well. Since Lincoln was challenged by Shields ...


I think this will differ significantly based on the details of the location, attendees, event, decade, and so forth. Generally, speaking, there were a few ways people would eliminate their waste at this time. Wikipedia has a decent précis on the subject. The cesspit or outhouse - the most common system in all human history, other than just going in the ...


I not only found this book: The Floating Boathouses on the Upper Mississippi River: Their History, Their Stories but managed to meet the author who has a boathouse in Brownsville, MN when I floated through on my research journey.

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