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The answer is very clearly yes. Images of European monarchs were commonly reproduced on coinage, in newspapers, and in public art. Not only sovereigns but princes and minor royalty were also usually recognizable to common people. Also, most monarchs in 19th C. Europe were (or hoped to be) considered military leaders. If you're talking about "early 19th C. ...


Not likely. The Church was the principal source if "news" then. They would have known about the actions of the priests, bishops, cardinals and the Pope... but rarely was there ant goid reason to involve illiterate commoners in secular government. What would have been the point?


One of the important - and rarely mentioned - differences between serfs and slaves is that former, at least in Russian Emprie, could carry guns. And as the famous quote states, "The possession of arms is the distinction between a freeman and a slaves". Of course, I'm not claiming that serfs were actually free. Neither I claim that this epithet can be used ...


There were two main draft exemptions for men in the North. The first was that a man could hire or designate a substitute (e.g. a brother or cousin). The second was that a man could pay $300 (somewhere between $50,000 and $100,000 in today's money) to "opt out." In essence, one could buy one's way out of the draft. There was also a partial "exemption" for ...


There was originally no unified term for such people. In Texas and California the Spanish-Mexican people were called "Mexicans". The census never recognized Mexicans separately until the 1930 census, in which they were "Mexicans". The term "hispanic" is an invention of liberal elitist academics during World War I. For example, to quote from the newly minted ...


Another of the fore-runners was Clement Ader in France, who probably did achieve steam-powered flight before the Wrights - but only just. He also relayed operas in stereo before 1900.


I've seen here in UK demonstrations by U.S. cowboys of cutting into a herd with a larriot, and very effective it is. So many of the cowboy films show herds being driven at speed for miles, which is far from the truth. WE presumably are talking about domestic breeds rather than buffalo, even if they are roaming in a wild context. The stock would never get any ...

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