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I think this will differ significantly based on the details of the location, attendees, event, decade, and so forth. Generally, speaking, there were a few ways people would eliminate their waste at this time. Wikipedia has a decent précis on the subject. The cesspit or outhouse - the most common system in all human history, other than just going in the ...


Abe Lincoln did fight a duel in 1842. He was blamed by James Shields for an editorial. He chose extremely large broadswords, to improve his reach. I have heard that he joked at the choice of weapons "How about cow dung at 50 paces?" I personally haven't heard the cannon joke, but he might have used it as well. Since Lincoln was challenged by Shields ...


The UK was already a very wealthy nation at the time. They had established trade routes and colonies all over the world from the Americas to the Far East. Her deep water ports and inland canal systems made it easy to transport goods from inland and export them all over the world. It was also teeming with great scientific minds. The Royal Society had a great ...


I not only found this book: The Floating Boathouses on the Upper Mississippi River: Their History, Their Stories but managed to meet the author who has a boathouse in Brownsville, MN when I floated through on my research journey.

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