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Well, what we didn't know was where the ship, and now that we know where the ship is, we can accurately trace their journey. What used to be guesswork can now be affirmed or contradicted as the position and possible routes are syncronised.


Maria Celesta is translated from the Latin as Heavenly Mary. This could mean a woman's name in a Catholic country or Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. In Catholic countries, naming ships this was was quite common. Certainly they would not name a ship in honor of Galileo's daughter.


It depends on what you are doing. If you line up a brigade of Cossacks versus heavy cavalry in a battle and charge both, the Cossacks would be wiped out. If you had the same brigade of each trying to control the areas around the two armies in the field, the Cossacks would run rampant over the area and the Heavies would be useless and vulnerable.


During the Napoleonic period cossacks were generally not regarded as "battle cavalry" and rarely did much on the battlefield. Though is rough hierarchy of cavalry weight hussars, dragoons, cuirassier, there are many examples of lighter cavalry overthrowing heavier cavalry. However there is vast range of other tasks required of cavalry in addition to ...


There were four main methods of supplying troops during the Napoleonic period; (1) The individual soldiers would be issued with rations that they carried in their knapsack. Enough for about two weeks. This was often in the form of biscuits. (2) Cattle or other animals were herded along and slaughtered along the way but these increased the grazing ...

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