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Virginia acknowledges in its records that it provided over 155,000 troops for confederate armies while North Carolina acknowledges over 133,000. Interestingly, Virginia also provided over 32,000 soldiers for the northern armies, among them General George Thomas.


My memory of this (I think from watching PBS's The Civil War, back in the day) was that for the Union side the army provided the horses, while for the Confederates, recruits were expected to bring their own. That's currently roughly what Wikipedia says as well: Both cavalries originally required recruits or local communities to provide horses, a ...


Howard has priority - he was the commander on the field after Reynolds was dead and before Hancock. He, unlike the others, actually occupied the hill with troops, keeping first a division and later a brigade there while the fighting was taking place on the north. That said, like many of these "choose the field" controversies, it doesn't take much genius to ...


Battle of Gettysburg saw new York regiments as most plentiful on union side.virginia regiments most plentiful on confederate side.there is your answer simple Virginia.

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