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Puerto Rico is a island with people who's ancestry comes from all over the world. Not every Puerto Rican is any one thing. It's just like saying American. Not every American is White or Black or Indian or mixed or Asian etc. Most but not every Puerto Rican has ancestors from Spain or Africa, or Taino American Indians. Some are a mix of all three some are ...


"Latino" or "Hispanic" refers to an American with a cultural heritage from Spain as filtered through Latin America, and says nothing about their genetic ancestry. "Taino" refers to someone with a genetic and cultural heritage from the Taino peoples of the Caribbean. A resident of Puerto Rico could be either, or neither, or both.


Good question - you have to dig past the superficial to understand, and I'm not fond of the way it is phrased, but the fundamental question is interesting. Here is one example: Having fought as a teenager in the French and Indian War, Robbins served in an Acton militia company at the end of the siege of Boston. Caesar Robbins became free during the war. ...

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