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If the report that he brought back a Pygmy is correct, that constrains the possible area to the tropical Great Lakes area in the central and western half of central Africa. Basically the area at the latitude of Lake Victoria, from there west. Now if they did this in the usual Egyptian idiom: going further up the Nile, then it would be somewhere nearish ...


This is apparently quite a controversial topic, as covered in this article: The location of Yam as attested in Old Kingdom sources has been the subject of extensive debate, much of which is covered in O’Connor’s comprehensive treatise. In this thesis O’Connor argued for an Upper Nubian location, similar to the previous conclusions of Priese and ...


Read "the ancient secret of the flower of life" by Drunvalo Melchizedek to help begin your search. Hope this helps. See Vol 1


Emperors were treated and depicted as pharaohs for many reasons. The Egyptians did not know other forms of rulers, because they never had an emperor before. Augustus became emperor 3 years after Egypt was annexed. Augustus wanted to be treated as pharaoh because he wanted a province not to rebel against him and he demanded a lot of grain from it.


Ancient Sumerians were the first people to invent an alphabet and they did it long before the Egyptians. They kicked off the "Agricultural" revolution, which started the "Urban" revolution and the domestication of animals. They gave the world the first "Religion" that became a template for all civilizations that followed in human history. Consider the ...

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