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In 1944-45, the late forensic anthropologist John Lawrence Angel studied Ancient Greek skeletal remains. His results were 162 cm for men and 153 cm for women. He only had a rather small sample size at the time, though. Right after his death, excavation began on the cemetery of the Magna Graecia colony-city of Metapontum. The Metaontum necropolis was ...


Elephants had gone extinct in Egypt by about 2600 B.C. or so, plus or minus a few centuries. So for a very long time there was no native elephants for Egyptians to use. It is theoretically possible that the Pharaohs might have imported some for military purposes, but I'm not really seeing any sign of this. Regardless, by the time Ptolemy I established ...


For a pyramid to be "half an octahedron", its height must be the width divided by sqrt(2). Examination of the List of Egyptian pyramids shows that this is not the case. E.g., Sneferu: 220/(105*sqrt(2)) = 1.481557 Khufu: 230.3/(146.6*sqrt(2)) = 1.110823 Menkaure: 103.4/(65.5*sqrt(2)) = 1.116257 i.e., they are flatter than "half an octahedron".

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