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The Greek word is atë (ἄτη), when not used as a proper noun but as a common noun, as seen in the canonical "The Greeks and the Irrational" by E. R. Dodds (Google Books).


While searching some more, I found an excellent resource on ancient Greek (although website is a bit slow and sometimes it throws exceptions). The word describing a state of blindness inflicted by the gods was known as θεοβλαβεία (infatuation sent by the gods, madness, blindness). I still can't find the specific source where I first saw it, but I could ...


Not sure, but is it Ate, who causes blind recklessness? No personal knowledge, but found this interesting:- http://www.theoi.com/Daimon/Ate.html In the context, interesting that St Paul was blinded before he accepted Christianity - possible cultural link?

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