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I believe some of the lists - at least fragmentary ones from epigraphic sources - can be found in Fornara's volume in the "Translated Documents of Greece and Rome" series: http://www.cambridge.org/us/academic/subjects/classical-studies/ancient-history/archaic-times-end-peloponnesian-war-2nd-edition


What they are: Aristocracy comes from Aristokratia, a Greek word meaning "rule of the best". In Aristocracy, the rich are deemed worthy of ruling the government and enjoyed special privileges, while the common people did not, and did not have any government power. Oligarchy is the rule of only the chosen, In an Oligarchy, people are chosen to rule the ...


The Wikipedia page of "oracular statements from Delphi" lists a few accounts that might apply here. One example could be the Oracle of Delphi's counsel to Philip of Macedonia. He was told, "With silver spears you may conquer the world." The straightforward reading would be to make a whole bunch of spears made of silver and go to war. But Philip wisely ...

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