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Greek script was used to write Bactrian, an Iranian language spoken in what is now Afghanistan. That is about as far as you can get from Greece.


Chariots, LOL, I want a chariot. Well dude, sorry to disappoint you, but they WALKED as amazing as that may seem. Unless you were a child or old guy with bad legs, in which case you rode an ass. The problem with asses is that they are as slow as molasses and they can get ornery if you overburden them. Like horses they are insanely uncomfortable if you ride ...


First off the Greco-Roman world extends over a long time period. Depending on how you measure it that could span a millennium. So the answer to your question changes depending on when you are travelling, (and the season of the year; some seasons you travel by sea, and some you must travel by land) and where you are travelling. Beyond that, the answer ...


Macedon was ancient-Greek Kingdom - Alexander the Great was Greek King of Macedon. Macedonians form Northen branch of Dorians - Spartans form Southern branch of Dorians. Nobody disputes Greekness of Sparta or Spartans! The Greekness of ancient-Macedon and the peoples that inhabited the Kingdom is on equilibrium with Spartan example.

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