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What im trying to say that pashtuns in afghanistan and north western pakistan are from the lost tribe israel. So what do you guys think? Its really interesting the pashtuns pakhtuns people today are all Muslims belongs to the Sunni Islam sect but they were Israelite before Islam came to them even thought they are fundamental Muslims they still have ...


It was Norway. This is the story of Harald Fairhair in the late 9th century. Harald inherited one of a number of petty kingdoms west of modern Oslo. He proposed marriage to Gyda, the daughter of King Erik of a nearby kingdom of similar size. She wanted to be queen of Norway, so she refused to marry anyone who was not king of "all" Norway. She had created a ...


Certainly. In fact there was even a whole series of Sacred Wars. More specifically, the First Sacred War was fought by the Amphictyonic League against the city of Cirrha over the latter's mistreatment of religious pilgrims to Delphi. Delphi derived religious significance from its Temple of Apollo, which housed the famous Pythia - the Oracle of Delphi. The ...


No. Burning of temples is pretty much "sticking it to their gods," and avenging it is "sticking it to theirs." The idea of sacrificing one's life for one's faith was originally a Hebrew thing, later picked up by Christians, and later still by Muslims. Judeo-Roman wars weren't strictly religious wars: Rome disputed, not the Jews' right to worship God, but ...


The oldest I know of is the destruction of Hamoukar in Syria. In 2005, archaeologists reported finding "collapsed mud-brick walls that had undergone heavy bombardment and ensuing fire" dating to around 3500 B.C. You can read more about the discovery here.


Caligula ("Little Boot," singular) was a nickname lovingly bestowed on the future emperor by his father, and was used by the soldiers as a term of endearment. It was never an insult. I don't see how being nicknamed "Gallic Cloak" can be insulting. These two may not be as flattering as "Philip the Fair," "Louis the Sun King," or "Honest Abe," for that ...


If indeed they did go into battle naked, it may not have been entirely stupid since dirty clothing pushed into a wound by pointy objects are more likely to cause septicaemia. The Celts did however have warriors who vowed to die in battle called "gesetae"- who were under an oath or a spell called a "gesa" and these may have been the naked warriors referred ...


I would also recommend Coursera courses like: Ancient Egypt: A history in six objects by the University of Manchester, or Roman architecture by the Yale Univ There is also an introduction to Egyptology course by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, which I quite like, but unfortunately this last one is only available in Spanish


The crash course videos are very nice, you already mentioned them. http://www.history.com/topics Scroll down to get to the list of topics for Ancient History. https://www.khanacademy.org/humanities/history/ancient-medieval/Ancient/v/standard-of-ur-c-2600-2400-b-c-e This aren't many, but it's something


The real name of the creator is Yahweh The creator of the earth


That the whole complex is the ancient Petra is evidenced by the ancient Nabatean and Roman tombs discovered there, and location of the ancient Petra is known, and it is mentioned in the ancient texts. See the picture of these tombs in the end if this article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Petra#Byzantine_era_.E2.80.93_decline There is no doubt that a lot of ...


Not really. Portraiture as an art was having a bad couple of centuries in Attila's time. Whatever we know of Attila's looks comes from written descriptions that differ significantly from one another and are oftentimes embellished. It stands to reason that he was short, like most of the great conquerors. Beyond that, it's anybody's guess.


The use of the term Tartan in Isaiah 20 v 1 shows at least this section of Isaiah was written early, prior to 600 bc. Tartan is a military term in the Assyrian Army and is the highest position in the Army under the King himself. There would typically be one Tartan controlling the left side of the battlefield and another controlling the right side, and the ...

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