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I carried an M4 with 210 + rounds, 320 40mm with around 20 rounds, grenades, AT4, 200 spare rounds for the M240, body armor, helmet, and camelback on a typical patrol. For longer missions we added a 3 day ruck which brought my overall load to about 130lbs, yet some how that's "combat effective" lol. And I had it easier then the guys rocking the MG's!


The Lex Julia de Maritandis of 18 BC forbade a senator to marry a freedwoman but in other instances where a freedwoman married her patron she had no right of divorce. Freedwomen did not have the right to benefit from wills until they had four children (other women when they had three children). The Lex Aelia Sentia of AD 4 stated that a freed slave (of ...

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