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Anne of Austria was a direct descendant of King Charles V of "Austria," through her father, King Philip III of Spain. This man's paternal grandfather was Charles V of Austria, who in turn, was the grandson of Maximilian of Austria and Marie of Burgundy, on his father's side, and Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain on his mother's side. So it's just a matter of ...


Anne was by birth an Archduchess of Austria. Around her time, the title of Archduke/Archduchess became assumed by all ruling Habsburg dynasts and their children. There's several other examples such as Joanna of Austria, or Anne's sister Maria Anna of Austria. She was also a princess of the House of Austria. Anne descends from that dynasty on both parents' ...


That same wiki post on Anne of Austria contains this line: In spite of her birth in Spain, she was referred to as Anne of Austria because the rulers of Spain belonged to the House of Austria.[1] which answers your question.

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