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Aztec weaponry comprised wooden clubs and spears tipped with flint, obsidian and occasionally copper. These weapons could inflict blunt trauma damage to Cortez's troops, and could penetrate the gaps in the Spanish armour with a lucky blow, but had little chance of actually inflicting significant damage to the armour itself. Combined with the natural ...


The architecture you want to investigate is the step-pyramid. In short, it's the easiest way to build very tall structures with a lot of manpower and natural resources, but not a lot of architectural sophistication. As a civilization progresses, its architectural sophistication increases, leading to very different structures - the smooth sided Egyptian ...


There are several important technologies developed independently by different civilizations. Those I can think of off the top of my head is writing, agriculture including large-scale irrigation, metal working, pottery and the aforementioned pyramids. There are probably more. As to your second question: No, even if it would be proven that Phoenicians ...


I find the claim dubious, or at least incomplete. Google reveals multiple citations to Aztec use of cocoa beans (I think the Bank of Belgium is among the best) as commodity currency, and none to feathers in the same role. I would have expected at least one mention of the alternative commodity currencies.

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