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Obviously, Not for France.It was only NapoleonĀ“s first important lose to his plan to invade UK because the royal navy destroyed the spanish fleet that was neccesary to defeat UK. France lost his "ally" provocking a great weakness at the sea. If the spanish-french fleet combined reach to the size to the UK, after this battle the French navy was outnumbered. ...


The famous battle of trafalgar was the one that Napoleon committed the first mistake. In quantity, The Royal navy was a bitter larger than the combined French-spanish one. However, the quality of the Spanish navy and naval officers were better than French. And it was the spanish last generation of good naval officers including a generation of basque officers ...


The First World War probably takes all five spots comfortably. Battle of the Somme: ~420k Battle of Passchendaele (Third Ypres): ~275k Operation Michael: ~177k Second Battle of Arras: ~140k Battle of Gallipoli: ~120k (excluding illness and the Commonwealth)

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