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The reason why it is so called is that this was the first battle between the armored steamships. For this reason it is famous everywhere in the world not only among historians of the American Civil war.


There is a bit of a theme with American Civil War battles where they tend to have two names; a northern name and a southern one. You will notice that the North liked to name battles after nearby bodies of water, while the South tended to be partial to nearby place names. For example, the Bull Run battles were known in the South as Manassas, and Antietam ...


One of the better known examples is the late 15th century equestrian armour A21 in the Wallace Collection in London. There is a paper on this armour (ref.1). The paper includes measurements of the plates of the armour for both man and horse: Edge and Williams A STUDY OF THE GERMAN ‘GOTHIC’ 15TH-CENTURY EQUESTRIAN ARMOUR (A21) IN THE WALLACE ...

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