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A "primary" source is the first or original source of information about a fact. It has nothing to do with time. Even if an event occurred hundreds of years before, the source is still primary if it is the first or original source of information. For example, let's imagine Henry Neville (1564 – 1615) wrote a letter in 1594 which said that George Neville ...


assuming the author was in contact with actual eyewitnesses This assumption makes the question dreck, as the question contains the answer within itself. Going then, from the question, assuming that Luke-Acts are a primary source, Luke-Acts are then a primary source.


Asking for references is off topic. There are substantial differences in ancient manuscripts and modern received texts of the pentateuch. It is not a question of one or two "passages". There are different competing readings throughout all the books and they are extensive. I have examined photostatic fragments of some of the scrolls and minor differences ...

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