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I'll offer an alternative theory: organized crime in the US was to a great extent the product of Prohibition. It had given them immense profits, and a network of well-bribed police & other public officials, since many people regarded ignoring Prohibition as almost a public duty. Once it was repealed, the crime syndicates had to redirect those resources ...


I feel that answers linking crime to ethnicity should at least try to provide some documentation relative to the ethnicity of union ranks. I would say that the factor more important was the use of organized crime (which existed before trade unions) to suppress worker movement. Organized was a more important force in USA than in UK. In the USA, the ...


Trade unions in North America were often dominated by immigrants, e.g. Sicilians, and later Russians, who had been members of organized crime syndicates in their home country, prior to immigrating. Trade unions in Britain were (mostly) dominated by "locals," who had no previous ties to organized crime.


I don't know if there is a proven definitive answer to this, but let me propose an explanation from first principles. At the time that Labour Unions were organizing in North America, and lobbying for legal recognition, careers such as teamsters and longshoremen were largely selected from the recently immigrated communities of Italians, Irish, and East ...

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