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The Cape Province had had a qualified franchise from the introduction of responsible government in 1853, based a fairly low property threshold for men regardless or race (similar to the UK at the time) to which a literacy test was later added. Natal had a franchise which was in theory non-discriminatory but in practice was white men only, and not all of ...


No conspiracy. The British were looking to get out. India/Congress Party was power hungry and trying to restore the chaos they helped create. At that time, the border didn't really matter. There was plenty of land and people. Look at the Border of the US-Canada. It's not straight either.


Nemesis was sold in 1852, and I would presume (but can't confirm) that it was sold for scrap. I can't locate any indications that it was ever re-registered though. See Warships of the World to 1900 by Lincoln P. Paine, p 115-6


A few things to note regarding this - 1. Official stand was that the state will lapse to independence but Mountbatten told almost every ruler that independence is impossible. 2. Reading's letter to the Nizam of Hyderabad clearly stated that Hyderabad is a subsidary of British Empire and not an independent state/state in alliance. While the British ...

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