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From Wikipedia: Outside the United Kingdom, the remaining Gaelic nobility of Ireland continue informally to use their archaic provincial titles. As Ireland was nominally under the overlordship of the English Crown for between the 12th and 16th centuries, the Gaelic system coexisted with the British system. A modern survivor of this coexistence is ...


See Wikipedia, "Emperor of India": The title Emperor of India was used by the British monarchs during the British Raj in India from 1876 (see Royal Titles Act 1876) until 1948. Remark. Interestingly, there was a British Empire but there was never a "British Emperor". S/he was only an Emperor/Empress of India. And British Queen/King.


Archangelsk: they did use this route to supply Russia. The main problems were that it was only open during the Summer and even in the Summer it is dangerous for ships. Persia: This was not a viable route in 1916 due to a lack of railroads. Trans-Siberian Railway: This very long route was used during the war, however, it was unreliable and the British did ...

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