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I carried an M4 with 210 + rounds, 320 40mm with around 20 rounds, grenades, AT4, 200 spare rounds for the M240, body armor, helmet, and camelback on a typical patrol. For longer missions we added a 3 day ruck which brought my overall load to about 130lbs, yet some how that's "combat effective" lol. And I had it easier then the guys rocking the MG's!


I don't think bidets were ever as popular in the UK as we believed. I've heard from a lot of people in the UK and they often say they don't have one nor do they know anyone that does have one. I think Crocodile Dundee put it in the heads of people that everyone in the UK has a bidet. Bidets are more common in the Middle East, as well as Italy. The newer ...

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