Bulgarian history is full of interesting events, including kingdoms of Thracians and Macedonians, Bulgarian medieval empires, rules of Ottomans and fights for liberation. Bulgaria was an important place for Slavic culture developement (with cirilic alphabet and Old Church Slavonic language). It's also one of key countries in 20th century Balkan Wars and communist times in Eastern Europe.

Examples of topics connected to Bulgaria history:

Ancient times: Thrace, Macedonia, Odrysian Kingdom

Early medieval: First Bulgarian Empire, Krum of Bulgaria, Battle of PliskaSimeon the Great, Battle of Kleidion, Cirillic alphabet, Old Church Slavonic language, Preslav

Middle Ages: Second Bulgarian Empire, Veliko Turnovo, Tsardom of Vidin

Ottoman Empire times: Ottoman Bulgaria, Battle of Nicopolis, Chiprovtsi Uprising

Liberation: Bulgarian National Revival, April Uprising, Russo-Turkish War, Congress of Berlin, Alexander of Battenberg

Third Bulgarian state: Tsardom of Bulgaria, Sofia, Serbo-Bulgarian War, First Balkan War, Second Balkan War, Ferdinand I, Boris III

Cold war times: People's Republic of Bulgaria, Vulko Chervenkov, Todor Zhivkov

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