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Actually, others had not failed. 30 years earlier Ivan Ashen II had also driven the Mongols out of Bulgaria. The mountainous terrain in the central spine of the country makes it not the best terrain for the Mongol way of warfare, and totally unsuitable for their pastoral way of life. So the country was really only good for them for occasional raiding. The ...


He didn't "repel" anything and I doubt Ivaylo defeated any significant Mongolian force. What it says in an article "Les Mongols dans les Balkans" by Gaston Cahen in Revue Historique (T. 146, Fasc. 1, 1924, pp. 55-59) is the following: La Bulgarie, apres les assenides et dans les dernieres annees de constantin, etait partagee entre les factions rivales ...

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