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The Oyashio Current and the Siberian High made Vladivostok a cold, frozen port. The answer can be easily summarized with this map. Look at how far north Ireland, England and Norway are. Yet they are far warmer than Greenland and Newfoundland! The reason is that warm water and weather flows from the Gulf of Mexico to Norway, keeping those places, that are ...


Weather at that latitude in general blows to the east - it arrives over Western Europe and travels eastward toward Asia. The air will shed its moisture and heat as it moves further away from the Atlantic, so the further east it can travel while remaining well north of the equator and above land, the colder and drier it will be. That's why Western Europe ...


yeah, Taoism gained much popularity by the end of Southern Song When Mongol started invading, they had the habit of massacring all populations after a city was sacked. Taoism missionary Qiu Chuji visited Genghis Khan and managed to convince him not to any more massacre after battle.

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