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The answer seems to be pretty clear from the Wikipedia entry on Lin Biao. how did he get any power at all? I am quoting the same article here: As a child, Lin was much more interested in participating in student movements than in pursuing his formal education. Lin joined a satellite organization of the Communist Youth League before he graduated ...


No, this story is assuredly bogus. First of all, there is no evidence that Jiang Baili graduated with the highest score. The Imperial Japanese Army Academy held two graduations in 1905: the 17th and 18th classes. See the following table of top graduates, between 1902 and 1907 for good measure. - From left to right, the columns are: Class, Graduation ...


Wiki says that Zhang Miao betrayed Cao Cao. So Cao Cao killed his whole family for revenge. Previously, Cao Cao's family was killed in the Xu province, and he invaded Xu to kill the whole population. So we can argue he was doing the same thing here, taking his anger out on an entire city.

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