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This question raises interesting questions. However, there are some confusions in the question. And I respectfully disagree with some of the factual and opinion content of the answers previously posted. Nearly all factual aspects of the conflict between the Tutsi and Hutu during the post-independence period are contested. This is regrettable since much of ...


In Lviv (Lwow) in Ukraine they re-enact the Polish-Ukrainian civil war of 1918: http://www.istpravda.com.ua/articles/2012/12/7/102886/ (On the other hand, the "civil war" between Ukrainians and Russian communists which also began in 1918, still continues, so they do not re-enact it). It is not completely clear whether the national liberation war in the ...


The English Civil War is popular for re-enactment in England. Helps that it occurred over 350 years ago though. Spanish Civil War 1936-39 seems to be regularly re-enacted too but probably not on the same scale as the English or American Civil Wars.


The Chinese Civil War between the Communists and the nationalists is reenacted in China. They are cool and have no problem, because, one side is regarded bad or evil, and the other good ones or saviours. Hence there is no sympathy clash thing. Hence everybody enjoys the good ones beating the bad ones. :) chinese not very good on appropriation, eh? ...

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