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As stated by others this is not really true. Even though shorter and less bloody compared to those in Bosnia and Croatia, the 10-day war outbroke in Slovenia between Yugoslav army located in the province and Slovenian police forces. To answer your question: the reason perhaps lies in the fact that Slovenia had ethnically clear picture with majority of ...


Slovenia and Macedonia are relatively homogenous ethnically and equal. They all hate each other equally. In Bosnia and Croatia the different groups hate each other different amounts.


Nobody was interested in a court case. Those who thought it was undoable had no reason for a suit, and those who wanted secession needed it as a bold stroke to rally the more undecided Southern factions to their banner. Secession had failed in 1832 and 1850 once people took the time to consider the matter. Secessionists in 1860 needed for it to be a ...

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