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How much of this can be attributed to internal Greek policy and culture (birthplace of democracy)? democracy as it was in ancient greece of 5th century has nothing to do with Greece of ww2.


greece was in wests side surely after tha civil war. but also before the ww2 greeces hegemony was against germany and soviet union at the side of UK. this decision of Greeces dictator Metaxas just before the start of ww2 marked the entering of greece in the western influence sphere. Then came the civil war and the agreement of stalin and chaurchil which ...


The opinions amongst historians amateur and professional range from economic and military to accusations of conspiracy. 'Traditional' Capitalist Interpretation Economic Liberals argue that the fall of the USSR is purely economic and is yet another piece of evidence that Communism does not work as an economic model. They cite the failure of the collectives, ...

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