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'In perils oft': romantic biographies illustrative of the adventurous life (1886) provides three versions of Gordon's death, pp. 533-534. These are: He was slain by gunfire while on his way to the Austrian consulate He was killed on the courtyard steps of the governors palace He was shot while in his study, reading his Bible All three stories are told ...


This newspaper clipping from 1895 gives more information to the whereabouts of the Europeans in Khartoum. It states that "in 1887, the prisoners include four Italian sisters, 2 priests and 2 laymen".


Put simply, the British planted the seeds for colonial control in the early 1800s, needed about 50 more years to fully exploit the Chinese people. The advent of the Soviet Union, WWII, the UN, and the end of colonialism in the 1960s precluded formal colonial control of china. It is noteworthy, however, that Tibet, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Manchuria, Mongolia, ...

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