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There were no actual "boundaries" as far as I had been able to research; the Spaniards relocated the natives, not into a closed area but scattering them in some 600 reducciones all around the Viceroyalty, and most of the time the natives appear to have been resettled not excessively far from their original villages, while local chiefs appear to have had a ...


There was no nationalism feeling for the whole but it was only for its kingdom. There was no unity between the regional kingdoms after Mughal rule was declined. This was a good oppurtunity for british to take over rule by raising conflicts between kingdoms.**


It is difficult to give a definitive answer to such question. I can only tell you my experience. The university where I teach (in the US) has a lot of Indian students, and I discussed these questions with them. Of course they were born after the liberation. Many of them recognize the substantial contribution that the British made in the development of India. ...


I found a paper(.doc) from the University of Liepzig that studied colonial revenues in the British Empire in some detail. Looking over their data, it seems that nearly all parts of the empire were experiencing increasing revenues clear to the end (well..at least until WWII). However, what you do see at the end is that the revenue per capita actually ...

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