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As an aside, everyone usually talks about the might of the Spanish Empire, while overlooking the fact that 98% of Spain's colonies were in the Americas, and thus their empire was largely limited to 1/3 of the western hemisphere. By contrast, the Portuguese empire was far more widespread geographically, in that Portugal had colonies all over the world. This ...


Afro Carribeans: Afro-Caribbeans are Caribbean people who trace their heritage to Sub-Saharan Africa [...] Between the 16th and 19th centuries, European-led triangular trade brought African people to work as slaves in the Caribbean on various plantations. These Afro Carribeans are descendants of slaves. The slaves hady had no rights and a master of a ...


It's most probably about the Boston Massacre, in which five people were killed.


An important factor is that the Europeans went to America to find a new undiscovered land and settle there. So they fought with the natives to conquer the land. It was never a genocide but natives were killed by the colonists who occupied their lands. But in contrast India was well known to Europeans since the time of Alexander. The Europeans came to India ...

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