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Wikipedia claims that, while color printing was known even in the earliest printed works, it was various Chromoxylography processes developed in the 1800's that first made color printing practical enough to be commonplace. In the 19th century a number of different methods of color printing, using woodcut (technically Chromoxylography) and other ...


See article II of the Treaty of Ghent, ending the War of 1812. http://war1812.tripod.com/treaty.html It lays out a series of delay times for many different parts of the world for the terms of the Treaty to come into effect.


I'd say that accounting for propagation delay explicitly with the day + n method is the exception rather than the rule. The most common accounting for this is to consider the law/edict in effect only when it is officially received. Thus the process goes like this: After drafting the edict, the sovereign signs or seals an edict, indicating authenticity and ...


People used paints from the very ancient time. When first books appeared, people quickly accustomed to paint the pages and make colorful images. In the Middle Ages the majority of books published had colorful images in them. The state symbols, coats of arms, military banners and religious icons were also colorful. With the invention of printing press the ...

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