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First of all, this is not true that "practically all Asian nations were colonized by the Europeans". China and Russia were never colonized and this is a very large part of Asia in territory and population. Middle Asia was colonized by Russia, not by West Europe. European colonizers mostly were successful in those territories close to the ocean. And of ...


Why would you want to colonialize Japan? Japan did not have any interesting resources (gold or spices, like India and America), and did not produce anything that Europe wanted (like silk or porcelain, like China). So, why go into the expense of a war?


Japan's first exposure to the west (in modern times) was through America's Commodore Perry in 1854. American was the most "benevolent" western power insofar as she had few colonies. If Japan had met e.g. British gunboats in the 1850s or 1860s instead, the result might not have been so fortunate Japan undertook the Meiji (modernization) reforms in 1868, only ...


Japan compared to China and India, was small and out of the way. They were also extreme isolationists and had very little interactions with outsiders. It wasn't until the 1850's that the US essentially forced open Japan to the outside world. Essentially for the Europeans, Japan was just out of the way, and of no real importance. The only reason the US ...

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