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Tough question to answer with any specificity. The Plains "Indians" were quite adaptable to the sudden appearance of Western Civilization...remarkably so actually. As well the Northeastern native language populations became well known for their hard bargaining in anything concerning money contrary to a lot of initial mythologizing. Haggling was still used ...


As an American born in the 1950s, I remember a "fear of the bomb" in the early stages of the Cold War. In addition to "fire drills" we (as schoolchildren) had "bomb drills" of hiding in a "basement," or absent such, under our desks. This was perhaps less so immediately after World War II (1945-1950), and escalated during the 1950s after the McCarthy "anti ...


In the USSR there was none among the common people, maybe except the Cuban crisis period, I don't know. There was totally no fear of war, let alone, a nuclear one. The state propaganda emphasized peace and and international friendship. Regarding the Cuban crisis some people I had talked to said that they realized how dangerous it was only years after, and ...


Countries that produced olive oil in classical times stayed up late because this fuel for oil lamps was cheap ( North Africa & Spain ). In Rome and many other places it was expensive and so people got up with the light and tended to go to bed when it gets dark. This is the norm in many counties around the world.

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