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The main risk I can think of is observer bias. You wouldn't believe me if I told you how great I was (nor should you), why should you believe what the Aztecs said about themselves? But then again, there may be some level of truth in what they say. You can mitigate this risk by comparing accounts from different peoples that were antagonistic towards one ...


My take is that it's a casual, and perhaps older version of the Nazi salute. Hitler talks about the origin of the salute, which he refers to as the "German Salute", which is recorded in Hitler's Table Talk, a collection of notes on his monologues, which is freely available online. The military salute is not a fortunate gesture. I imposed the German ...


This is explained in the Wikipedia article. In summary, the Nazi salute by anyone but Hitler symbolized their offering of their loyalty to Hitler. Hitler's salute symbolized his acceptance of that loyalty.

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