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When Operation Overlord began, the Allies had already been fighting in Italy for some time; Rome was taken on June 4th, 1944, two days before D-Day. Thus, "plan B" was already ongoing. Invasion of southern France was also planned, and it happened on August 15th. From a global strategic point of view, Germany was already losing on the Eastern front; in June ...


The island of England, chock full of military airports, was well within aircraft range of the landing beaches. So special ships to carry airplanes would have really been unnessecary. For all intents and purposes, England acted as a giant aircraft carrier.


My father was assigned to a destroyer during WWII, and he was always in the Atlantic fleet. He talked very little about the war, but the one thing he did say was his ship was assigned to an aircraft carrier. However, he said he didn't know where they were going in such a hurry, but he remembers waking up and walking up on deck and he couldn't believe his ...

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