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One of the primary aims of the Government of India Act was to weaken the rising Indian governing class, specifically, the Congress Party. For instance, Burma was separated from India altogether, and a number of Indian provinces were subdivided for "gerrymandering purposes. The idea of having "separate but equal" electorates for the classes at the bottom was ...


Each of the Greek city states had its own constitution. Some had kings, others were ruled by an aristocratic oligarchy. Democracy (in the original Greek sense of the term) was basically limited to Athens. It is not true that Greece was “mostly comprised of many small islands”; Athens in any case is not an island. So your linkage of democracy and islands ...


You need to realize that the Government of India Act was passed by Britain, not India, since India was a British colony at the time. Whatever Gandhi worked out with the other Indians has no effect on what the Brits do unless they convinced them it's for better for British interests, which they didn't.


It didn't, that kind of tribal "democracy" isn't special to Greece. Lots of tribes make collective deicisions in a more or less democratic way. Greek democracy excludes most of the population who arent citizens. That's not different from other societies where only the priviledged caste can participate in government. Greece is just remembered specially today ...

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