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Source: Kremer, Michael. "Population growth and technological change: one million BC to 1990." The Quarterly Journal of Economics (1993): 681-716. Graph by Richard Vermillion.


Rice is three to five times more productive than wheat. The land can sustain two or three crops of rice annually, while wheat is limited to one. So, all factors combined, rice can be up to 15 times more productive. The same quantity of land can produce up to 15 times more rice than wheat. It is worth remembering that in early China, the available primitive ...


I've combined the data in: List of largest cities throughout history World population estimates The winners are: Modern Tokyo (metropolitan area), home to 0.55% of the world's population 700 AD Chang'an, home to 0.44% of the world's population 200 AD Rome, home to 0.42% of the world's population 1 AD Rome, 400 AD Rome, and 1900 AD London follow, ...

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