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From the article you linked: Most of Denmark was liberated from German rule in May 1945 by British forces commanded by Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery; the easternmost island of Bornholm was liberated by Soviet forces, who remained there for almost a year`. Given the dates, one thinks that (like in many other parts which were not in the main road to ...


"Liberation" is a bit misleading. The German occupation of Denmark ended as part of the May 4 surrender of German troops in Denmark, Netherlands, and northwestern Germany. No actual combat or invasion was involved; troops under Field Marshal Montgomery walked in essentially unopposed.


Bornholm was occupied by the Soviets during 1945-1946. A second source with links for each part of Denmark Mainland: Fighting was mostly between Danes resistance/german_hilf_polizei (also Danes). Greenland: During the war protected by Britain, Canada, and USA. According to agreement with Danish ambassador Kaufmann. Iceland: From 1918 until 1944 Iceland ...

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