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From the article you linked: Most of Denmark was liberated from German rule in May 1945 by British forces commanded by Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery; the easternmost island of Bornholm was liberated by Soviet forces, who remained there for almost a year`. Given the dates, one thinks that (like in many other parts which were not in the main road to ...


"Liberation" is a bit misleading. The German occupation of Denmark ended as part of the May 4 surrender of German troops in Denmark, Netherlands, and northwestern Germany. No actual combat or invasion was involved; troops under Field Marshal Montgomery walked in essentially unopposed.


There are many theories on why the Viking expansion occurred and there is no real consensus on which (or which combination) is the correct one. This particular explaination, that Pagan Scandinavia attacked Christian Europe in an ideological response to the Carolingian expansion, is merely yet another theory on this highly contentious topic. Although it seems ...


Bornholm was occupied by the Soviets during 1945-1946. A second source with links for each part of Denmark Mainland: Fighting was mostly between Danes resistance/german_hilf_polizei (also Danes). Greenland: During the war protected by Britain, Canada, and USA. According to agreement with Danish ambassador Kaufmann. Iceland: From 1918 until 1944 Iceland ...

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