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I will try to answer, even though this question probably won't have an objective answer. Can you keep a dictatorship indefinitely? My answer is "practically impossible." The reason is, in my opinion, that there is only one thing that will keep a government afloat, democracy or dictatorship, and that is legitimacy. If you cannot explain your legitimacy, why ...


It sounds a lot like you are looking for The Arab Tyrant's Manual. Its observational, but contains a lot of real-world strategy tips for dealing with pesky democratic agitators at all levels. There's also of course the classic The Prince, by Machiavelli. It was arguably a bit more serious, however, it didn't have to deal so much with competition from ...


I suppose you measure a dictatorship success by its stability and durability. The key point of a long time and durable dictatorship is the transfer of power. History shows that this is an almost unsolvable problem for most successful dictatorships. Roman empire is a prime example. It enjoyed long periods of internal tranquility and prosperity under some ...


Speaking about "external democracy threat", if you can't defeat your enemy you should make friends with him. Although monarchy is not really the same as dictatorship but Saudi Arabia can serve as a good example for any non-democratic state trying to survive in the modern world.

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