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Hashish was known in the West as early as 1596, when it was described by Jan Huyghen van Linschoten in a book describing his travels in Egypt and Turkey. But it wasn't until the 19th century that smoking cannabis became widely known in the West, through portrayals of oriental exoticism by writers such as Dumas. Hemp was grown in the British colonies ...


Nemesis was sold in 1852, and I would presume (but can't confirm) that it was sold for scrap. I can't locate any indications that it was ever re-registered though. See Warships of the World to 1900 by Lincoln P. Paine, p 115-6


The following may be a little late historically for OP's uses (though it's hard to know what precisely "medieval" means for a number of countries). But these bans all do precede the 18th century dates found in OP's original research. The 17th century saw a number of anti-tobacco laws (source): 1633: TURKEY: Sultan Murad IV orders tobacco users executed ...

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