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I don't know if you meant complete democratic examples, but Alberto Fujimori is a pretty famous example of your request, he lead Peru a little longer than ten years, as he has been elected enacted neo-liberal reforms, then after a crisis his system turned into a nightmare. In US, Obama could be an example if the US itself wouldn't be heterogenous already.


The question rests on a false assumption - that "country" can be tied to "ethnicity". There are a few countries that make an effort at racial purity, but I think that the concept has fallen by the wayside. There is a second flaw in the question. "Democratically elected" means "elected by those we choose to have the franchise" - Generally this excludes ...


My answer is that there was no such umbrella term in common use in the 1800s that corresponds directly to our "Hispanic" or "Latino" category. I think T.E.D.’s answer is correct in that people with Mexican origins were called Mexicans. And if you lived in an area where most people who have Spanish names were of Mexican descent, then residents may have ...

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