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The hispanic concept does not predate the 1980s. It was constructed in the 70s by bureacrats and activist groups and made official in 1980. Before then, people of Spanish speaking origin were various different nationality groups that were unrelated. They were classified by their nationality and their race. Most were considered white.


The classic text that comes to mind is The Invention of Tradition (1983), edited by Eric Hobsbawm and Terence Ranger. It is a collection of essays that explore how nationalism developed in various (primarily British) contexts. It argues that collective identity is not something natural, but rather is manufactured. It may, though, fall short of what you seek ...


Facts seem to show so-called Polish jokes are mainly Jewish American gags about (imagined) Poles. For example, books by a Jewish "comic" Larry Wilde, gags in Hollywood films e.g. by Allen. The extreme vulgarity, including frequent references to feces, and contempt towards the Poles makes these "jokes" a case of hate propaganda against a national group.

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