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Yes; in Ancient Greece and Rome at least, there were barbers who provided a range of services that were huge compared to their modern equivalent: trimming beards, cutting hair, and yes, trimming nails: The third part of the barber's work was to pare the nails of the hands, an operation which the Greeks expressed by the words ὀνυχίζειν and ἀπονυχίζειν ...


Chairs have always been in use. There are chairs in Tutankhamen's tomb. The Romans used high-backed chairs extensively especially by women, which were called a "cathedra." Our word "cathedral" comes from this word, a cathedral being the "seat" of a bishop. Such chairs were also in use among the Greeks. Ancient Roman chair.


There is little doubt that until 19s century most people could communicate and socialize only with those in close proximity to them. Travel was slow, expensive and dangerous. But regular mail service was also not available to everyone in most places, most of the time. When we read in the history of mail that such and such emperor "established mail service", ...

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