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About the particular example: Wheat and other grains have high nutrition value and dandelions not. You need to eat several kilo of dandelion to cover your basic calorie needs. 40Cal/100g, that is 400Cal /kg. You need to eat 5 kg if you are an office worker sitting all the day. But most probably you would be pretty sick in the first day if you can finish ...


1959, by a Belgian missionary named Ji Junghwan, who helped started domestic Korean cheese production at Imsil County. Cheese was introduced to South Korea in 1959 by a Belgian missionary, who came to Jeollabuk-do to help people surviving the Korean War. Lee, Cecilia Hae-Jin. "Keolla Do" Frommer's South Korea. 2nd ed. Vol. 775. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley, ...

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