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Obviously this varies considerably by location as well as occupation and social standing - I'm afraid 'peasant' covers a wide array of people. I'm more familiar with the English diet than anything on the continent, but by far the bulk of their sustenance came in the form of pottage. Basically throw whatever green things you are currently getting from the ...


Rural workers at one point lived with the framer and ate at his table, food & lodgings being a large part of the wage. There was a shift to just money wages, and a bit class difference that farmers no longer would eat with their labourers. So originally the workers received payment in kind that included meat and later they had to buy the meat.


Good question, but the problem of an answer will be that the salt was the most important food-preservation method before fridges. So it is hard to say how much people ate, maybe a good starting point could be how much could they afford. And the answer is most probably: a commoner couldn't afford much. source: Salt 1350's, Venice Typically, Venetian ...

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