This tag should be used for questions about the individuals who led the American rebellion against Great Britain, and participated in the formation of the subsequent government. This tag emphasizes the biography, politics, opinion, relationships, and plans of the individuals.

Although every nation has founding fathers, the term frequently refers to the individuals (of both genders) who participated in the revolution against Great Britain, the foundation of the United States, and the formation of the government(s) of those United States.

This tag will generally be used in combination with and .

This tag can be used for founders of all genders (e.g. Mercy Otis Warren and Abigail Adams are considered founding fathers, out of simplicity; the emphasis is on their status as founders; their gender is not relevant).

This tag should not be used for individuals who were not involved in the foundation/formation of the republic. For example, although both Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt have a dramatic effect on the United States, they are not .

This tag is generally not used for military details; use in combination with other tags for questions about details of the military campaigns to free the .

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